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Celebrate A Cancer Survivor With A Gift

News that someone near to you has survived cancer is reason to celebrate. One way to support someone with cancer is with a thoughtful gift that either has a special purpose or meaning, and that brings comfort. These gift ideas need not be expensive, and in fact, many are affordable, easy to find, and useful.  

Celebrate a cancer survivor with one of these gifts: 

Something Soft

Sometimes the simplest items make the best gifts. Consider sharing a super-soft scarf, cuddly blanket, or pair of toasty-warm socks with someone who has been battling cancer and going through treatment. The tactile joy of these gifts can be a treasure to receive. Snuggly caps, beanies, and robes are welcome gifts, too.   

A Good Read

There is something cathartic about losing yourself in a good book. Share a book that has brought you joy, or choose a beautiful coffee-table book of amazing photos for the gift recipient to enjoy. A book makes a perfect gift for any age.  

Pampering Products

Celebrate a survivor with some personal pampering products that the recipient may not buy for themself. Choose dry shampoo, soaps, and lotions, but be wary of scents; some recipients may be sensitive to fragrances, so choose unscented if possible.  

Beverage Bottles

A new water bottle or thermos can inspire a person to drink more water. Plus, it is a great souvenir of beating the battle against cancer. Metal bottles may taste odd to the palate of some cancer survivors, depending on how recently they completed treatment, so choose glass or plastic, instead.  

Fresh Fruit Basket

Experts recommend against sending fresh flowers, as some patients that have recently completed cancer treatment may be sensitive to smells. If you want to send something sunny and bright, send a big basket of fresh fruits and a few treats, instead. Plus, fruit is something that many people eat and enjoy daily; check out delivery options and services near you online.  

A Meal Train

A lot of people choose to send food or meal delivery services to someone who is going through or recently survived cancer. This is a great convenience for the recipient, and is a treat for their entire family, as well. Another gift idea is to set up and organize a meal train. Instead of ordering pre-made meals from a third party, you are enlisting friends, family, and coworkers to make meals to fill in gaps on a calendar. You may choose to provide one meal a day for a week, or several meals just on the weekend. Staying organized is key when it comes to a successful meal train, and the more participants the better. 

Celebrate a cancer survivor with one of these gift ideas. Find online shops that offer merchandise geared toward cancer awareness and cancer survivor gifts for more suggestions that any recipient will appreciate.  

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