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What You're Looking For In Your Men's Hooded Sun Shirt

A sun shirt is a type of shirt that protects against the sun's rays, similar to how sunscreen and and UV protection sunglasses work. You'll need a men's hooded sun shirt if you spend a lot of time outdoors and if you are concerned about sun damage when you are working or exercising outside. A men's hooded protection sun shirt not only protects your chest and arms against the sun's rays; it protects your head as well.

What you're looking for in a men's hooded sun shirt will vary, but it goes beyond price. Shop around to see what will work best for you, comparing sleeve and torso lengths to one another for the best fit if you are shopping online. Here are just some of the things you're looking for in your men's hooded sun shirt.


The coverage you need for your men's hooded sun shirt is what matters most. Parts of your body that are exposed will be potentially damaged by the sun when wearing your sun shirt, so make sure the sleeves go down to the knuckles of your thumb when your arms are down and your torso is completely covered by any men's hooded sun shirt you choose. If the shirt is hooded, then the neck should still not dip down so your throat isn't exposed, and the hood should come up around your neck and properly cover your ears.

Protection and Performance

A sun shirt usually has a sun SPF protection of varying levels, depending on the style and brand of shirt you choose. The shirt itself should not be too tight as it serves a purpose beyond sun protection: sun shirts for performance and exercise are designed to keep the wearer from overheating or becoming too cold while being outdoors. The shirt is breathy and roomy so it can wick away sweat and moisture while trapping heat when appropriate.

The higher the SPF on your men's hooded sun shirt, the better protection you get with it. You want a higher SPF for better UV ray protection. The UV rays are what cause skin cancers and burns, and making sure you choose a men's hooded sun shirt with both UVA and UVB ray protection will give you full spectrum coverage.

Buy men's hooded sun shirts and sun shorts and pants from your local outdoor gear store, online retailer, or via other outlets. Wear sun shirts and other sun gear whenever you are outdoors for extended periods of time and make sure you always wear sunscreen as well.

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