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Order Custom Tees For Your First Post-COVID Get-Together

If you haven't seen a number of the members of your extended family since before the COVID-19 pandemic began, you're likely eagerly anticipating the eventual get-together that you'll have. While there are lots of ways that you can make this occasion special, one idea to consider is ordering some custom T-shirts for people to wear. Families often order custom tees for family reunions, birthday parties, and anniversary gatherings, and seeing your loved ones after many months apart is certainly worthy of some special attire. Here are some ideas that could be appropriate for these garments.

Days Since Last Get-Together

One custom T-shirt design that can be worthwhile to consider is a design that makes reference to how many days it has been since your entire family was last together. You might be able to easily recall the date of the last gathering. If not, scour your smartphone's photo library to look for any photos that you snapped at this gathering, and then note the date. Provided that you know the date of your upcoming get-together, a quick calculation can reveal how many days have passed between the two dates. This number can be the focal point of the shirt design. For example, it could read, "950 Days Since Our Last Party," or something equivalent.

Celebrating Togetherness

Another idea for your custom T-shirt design is a design that simply celebrates the fact that your extended family is together again. Everyone likely has a celebratory feeling about the upcoming gathering, so it can make sense to capture this emotion in a shirt design. There are all sorts of designs that you can use. For example, something simple such as, "Together Again" or "Reunited And It Feels So Good" with the names of each of your family members, can be a good option. Many people will feel excited to see their names displayed as part of the design.

Recognizing Gratitude

It's common to feel a deep sense of gratitude as you get closer to seeing your extended family for the first time in months. It may be fun to think about all the things for which you're grateful and then feature these sentiments in your custom T-shirt design. For example, you might be grateful for hugs, in-person games, group laughter, and more. One way to present these concepts in your design is to have them appear on a list with checkmarks beside each sentiment. If you're not ordering shirts as a surprise, consider having your entire family come up with this list in advance.

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