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Fun And Unique Ideas For Cannabis-Related T-Shirts

As cannabis is legalized in various states and becomes more popular, the market for cannabis apparel has also grown. Shirts with a cannabis plant on them are sure to appeal to customers, but if you make and sell shirts, you'll want to get more creative, too. Here are some more fun and unique ideas for cannabis-related T-shirts.

Funny Weed Slogans

One option is to have your t-shirts printed with various funny weed-related slogans that your customers may enjoy. Some options to consider are:

  • Wake and Bake
  • Smoke and Toke
  • A Joint a Day Keeps the Stress Away

You can experiment with the font to find options that look kind and approachable. Also consider including some small, cannabis-related images along with the text. For instance, you could make shirts that say "wake and bake" with a little image of a cannabis plant and an alarm clock to the side of the words.

Strain Names

Have you looked at the lists of cannabis strains being sold these days? The strains have some pretty awesome names! From Granddaddy Purple to Black Dog, these strain names themselves are quite interested and entertaining. You could have shirts printed with a single stain name, along with some imagery that represents that name. For instance, a shirt could say "Granddaddy Purple" and have a picture of a grandfather-like character with purple skin. Or, a shirt could say "Black Dog" and have an image of a black dog on it. 

Another option is to have a single shirt printed with as many strain names as you can fit, all printed in different fonts and sizes. Make sure you cover the sleeves, too!

Weird Cannabis Facts

Another option is to use your t-shirts to educate those who read them! You can have the shirts printed with various cannabis facts. Some fun facts to include might be:

  • There are two main types of cannabis plants: sativa and indica.
  • The oldest written references to cannabis are from 2727 B.C. in China.
  • Hemp and cannabis plants are the same, except cannabis plants contain THC.
  • Traces of cannabis can be found in the air around the Colosseum in Rome.

Some buyers may even want to collect all of your different shirts with different cannabis facts!

Making cannabis-related t-shirts can be so much fun. Try incorporating some of the ideas above, and your shirts will really stand out, drawing in all sorts of dedicated clients. 

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