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Buying A New Collar For Your Dog

Buying a new collar for your pet can be an important purchase to make. In addition to allowing you to attach a leash, this can also safely hold the dog's tags so that the animal may be more likely to be returned to you in the event that the animal runs away from home or gets separated from you in a public area.

Choose A Collar That Is A Bright Color

When you are considering potential collars for your dog, you may find that there can be advantages to choosing a collar that is a bright color. For example, these collars can increase the visibility of your pet so that they are easier to be seen. When choosing a color for the collar, you may want to opt for a warm color as this will be able to balance the need to be highly visible while also being fairly resistant to staining or fading.

Consider the Value Of A Waterproof Dog Collar

Your pet's collar will experience considerable wear and tear over time. This can cause the color of the collar to start to fade, and it may also result in the collar developing extremely unpleasant odors. One way to help lessen these effects can be to purchase a waterproof collar. These collars can be far less resistant to developing stains or other problems due to the fact that moisture and other substances will be unable to soak into the collar's materials. This can be an essential consideration for pet owners that plan to allow their animal to spend a lot of time outdoors where the collar could become extremely dirty very quickly.

Ensure The Collar Is The Right Size For Your Pet

Sizing your pet's collar can be a challenging task due to the need to balance the requirement for the collar to be securely worn by the pet as well as the need for the collar to allow the pet to breathe easily. When you are purchasing a collar for your pet, you will want to be sure that it is large enough for you to be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your pet's neck. This may require you to choose a collar that is slightly larger than what you would have anticipated needing, but it can be an important factor to address to keep your pet comfortable and safe while wearing the collar. If you are buying a collar for your puppy, you may want to purchase several in varying sizes as the puppy will likely outgrow its collar fairly quickly.

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