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Try To Buy A Sports Bra That Offers These Desirable Design Features

Regardless of your reason for visiting a women's boutique, it's a good idea to browse the store and look for any products that catch your eye. Tops, bottoms, outwear, and underwear are all worth perusing, especially if the particular store that you visit has a large selection of items. If you're in need of a sports bra, you'll want to see what the boutique has available. While you might think about buying a sports bra at an athletic retailer, many women's boutiques sell a variety of types of underwear — including those for the athletically inclined customers. Look for a sports bra that has these desirable features.

Zipper Front

While you likely have your specific preferences when it comes to buying a bra, give some thought to the merits of a sports bra with a zipper front. After you've worked out and your torso is sweaty, it can sometimes be challenging to remove your sports bra because of how the material sticks to your skin. You may find that when you can open the zipper on the front, this garment virtually falls off — making it much quicker and easier to get undressed for your post-workout shower.

Narrow Straps

Take note of the strap design of the sports bras that you're assessing, and give some thought to how you prefer to dress for your workouts. Narrow bra straps can often be advantageous. For example, if you wear an athletic tank top that has narrow or medium-width straps, you generally want the sports bra's straps to sit below the shirt's straps. It can be a strange look to have a tank top with narrow straps and a sports bra below it with wide straps. Remember, too, that wider straps tend to be more comfortable than those that are narrow, so you can ideally find a good balance between comfort and how the straps sit beneath your tank top.

High Cut

Take note of how the tops of various sports bras are cut. While you might favor low-cut bras for everyday use — especially if you wear shirts that show some cleavage — this isn't likely a design feature that you want in a sports bra. If your tank top is cut a little low or fits loosely, you don't want to show off too much skin at the gym. Additionally, a higher-cut garment provides more support to help contain your breasts as you go through your workout.

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