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What to Buy When Golfing for the First Time

Golf is a time-honored sport that many men and women enjoy. Golf is usually played by people who are part of an exclusive club, although the sport can be enjoyed by those who use a public golfing resort or company.

Wearing the appropriate clothing for golf is just one of the things that makes the sport so prestigious and exclusive; some gold clubs even have a dress code that members have to abide by. If your favorite golfing location doesn't have a dress code, but you still want to look the part, consider the following men's golf clothing items for your first time out on the green.

Comfortable shirts

Golf is a sport where lots of movement is involved, so you want to wear shirts that are comfortable and have wide armholes for easy swings. Short sleeves are best. A nylon or polyester blend with cotton is ideal for a breathable shirt that has ample stretch. Stick to solid colors and a polo design to make your shirt choice classic and appropriate for golf.

Appropriate shoes

Only golf shoes should be worn on the golf course. Shoes are used to create traction and complete an outfit and will give you the amount of support you need to walk around the course. Don't wear tennis or street shoes to the golf course. Your golf instructor or other golf enthusiasts will help you select shoes for your experience.

Protective hat

Many people who golf want to keep their heads protected from the sun, both to prevent sunburn and to keep the sun's glare from ruining their golfing experience. Stick to sun visor hats over sunhats and classic baseball caps, which are too casual for the golf course. You can buy sun visors in a variety of colors to match your shirts, too.


As long as the design isn't stretchy nylon or polyester or a classic denim material, you have a lot of free rein when it comes to choosing golfing pants and shorts. Shorts should ideally hit the knee for best movement and should have a long crotch area for comfort. Keep your golf pants and shorts a classic khaki style or color or choose the more stylish plaid, which many people choose to wear on the course.

Many first-time golfers only buy one outfit until they get used to the course and decide if golf is the sport for them. Have fun shopping for the men's golfing attire you need.

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