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4 Strategies To Help Assist Your Child With Potty Training

Potty training your child can be a time consuming task. For some children, they are eager to potty train and take to it quickly. For other children, it takes a while for them to master all the elements of potty training. Being ready to use the bathroom is a process the requires both physical and emotional maturity, and can take children a while to master. Here are a few strategies you can utilize to help your child master the art of using the bathroom.

Invest in a Mini Potty

Using a large toilet seat with a kiddy seat place on top of it can be intimidating for a child to use. Little kids usually have to use a step-stool to get up to the potty in the first, and have to balance on a big toilet. This can add to the challenge of mastering going to the bathroom.

Instead of having your child use the adult toilet, purchase them a mini-potty that can set on the floor. This makes the toilet more accessible to your child and is generally more comfortable for your child as well. Your child will not have to worry about balancing on a grown-up toilet, just about making it to their own little toilet and the actual act of going to the bathroom.

Be Creative with Where You Put the Mini-Potty

Second, be creative with where you put the mini-potty. Although putting the mini-toilet in the bathroom may make the most logical sense to you, other locations may make more sense for your child.

For example, if your child is struggling with getting to the bathroom in the morning or in the evening during bedtime, consider putting their mini-potty in their bedroom. This will make it easier and faster for your child to get to the bathroom, and increase their feeling of success, which is vital in helping your child master using the restroom.

Switch to Training Pants

Finally, consider ditching the diaper and changing to potty training clothing instead. Potty training clothing still contains the absorption element that cloth diapers have, put instead of feeling like they are putting on a diaper, your child will feel like they are putting on pants or jeans. This change in wearing a "diaper" to "potty training clothes" can be a huge win mentally for your child, who will feel more grown up and inclined to use the bathroom. Your child may have no problem getting their diaper changed, but may not want to have to change their pants or jeans because they failed to make it bathroom.

Potty training clothing is also great for children who are making it to the bathroom most of the time, but occasionally have a few accidents, especially when not at home.

Help your child master going to the bathroom by investing in a small child-size toilet for them and place it somewhere that is convenient for your child to use. Also, invest in some potty training clothing, such as from Chunkabuns, to help motivate your child to use the bathroom. 

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