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7 Tips For Buying Trendy Plus Size Fashions

The fashion choices for curvy women has dramatically improved over the years. With more options available, finding the right clothing to fit your personal style is a bit more challenging. To help you select the plus size fashions that are right for you, here are some tips.

  1. Do not focus on hiding your belly. In the past, curvy women were encouraged to hide their bellies. This resulted in wearing oversized clothing that was less than flattering. Today's curvy woman no longer must be burdened with hiding. Look for clothing that fits and excites you.
  2. Stop running from color. Some curvy women tend to hide in darker clothes because they want to appear smaller. The darker clothes are not always complementary. By contrast, adding color to your wardrobe, you can emphasize your best features, such as your curves and eye color.
  3. Use accessories to add dimension. If your body type is more rectangular shape, you can use accessories to help define curves that are not as apparent. For instance, the addition of a statement necklace to a shift dress can help to change the appearance of your silhouette.
  4. Remember sizes are not consistent. Never buy clothing without first trying it on. The sizes tend to differ from brand to brand. A size 18 in one brand could be a 16 in another. You want to make sure the clothes fit and are flattering before buying.
  5. Be smart about trends. As with any other type of clothing, you must be careful with following trends. Not all trends will work with every body type. Take the time to make sure the clothing is right for your body type before buying.
  6. Wear good undergarments. No matter how cute the plus size outfit is that you are wearing, if your undergarments are not offering the support you need, the overall appearance will suffer. Even though the cost of bras and other supportive undergarments are more expensive for curvy women, invest in high quality pieces.
  7. Buy a crop top blouse. One of the trendy plus size fashions you might run from is the crop top. However, you can wear the crop top and show off your curves. You will look great and the blouse goes great with other items.

The most important thing to do when you are shopping for new clothing is to have fun. Buy items that make you happy. Remember, your opinion is the only one that matters. Visit a shop, like A SHEEK BOUTIQUE, for more inspiration.

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