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3 Tips For Styling Tuxedo Pants

When you have a night out on the town scheduled and you don't feel like donning a dress, taking advantage of the menswear-for-women trend could be the answer. Adding a pair of stylish black tuxedo pants to your wardrobe can be a great way to create an elegant look without relying on a dress.

In order to ensure that you still retain your feminine charm, here are three tips that you can use to successfully style your tuxedo pants in the future.

1. Skip the jacket.

Although a tuxedo traditionally includes pants, a vest, and a jacket, you can wear the pants alone to create a more feminine look. Pairing the masculine line of the tuxedo pants with a feminine top allows you to accentuate your curves.

It's best to stick with a blouse made from an elegant fabric like silk or satin so that your entire look maintains its formal appearance. You can opt for an all-black look, or add interest by using your blouse to add a pop of color.

2. Keep your silhouette in mind.

When it comes to wearing pants that were originally intended for men, you have to be conscious of your silhouette in order to retain your feminine beauty. If your tuxedo pants have a wide leg, then you should opt for a fitted top that can be tucked into the pants to accentuate your waist and create an hourglass figure.

If your tuxedo pants have a fitted or straight leg, then a loose-fitting blouse (like a peplum top) will help you balance out your figure. Using the leg of your tuxedo pants as a guide when selecting a top will help you create a feminine silhouette while donning a menswear piece.

3. Opt for classic hair and makeup.

Since tuxedo pants represent a classic style, you should keep the classic theme going when styling your hair and makeup. Pulling your hair up into an elegant chignon will let your outfit shine.

You also want to avoid having your makeup create a distraction when wearing tuxedo pants. Opt for a simple red lip and neutral eye to create a polished and elegant aesthetic that will allow your tuxedo pants to serve as the focal piece of your look.

Styling menswear pieces can sometimes be a challenge. When you remember to wear a feminine blouse with the right silhouette and keep your hair and makeup classic, you will be able to successfully style your tuxedo pants.

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