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Monogrammed Shirts And Jackets For Young Girls

Nothing gives a young girl a feeling of individuality and independence like having her own monogrammed clothing. Conversely, she can also get a feeling of camaraderie and association with a group of friends and relatives when they all have the same monogrammed shirts or jackets. Monograms traditionally consist of the three alphabetic initials of a person's first, middle, and last name. These initials are graphically combined or interlaced to create a decorative and personal logo. Monograms are available in many styles, colors, and fonts and can be embroidered or heat-transferred onto the front or back of shirts or jackets. The most popular monogrammed clothing only uses a person's three alphabetic initials. Here are some other ways in which you can create unique monogrammed clothing for a young girl in your family to commemorate special occasions and activities in her life:

Monogrammed Sports Shirts - If your child plays sports with neighborhood friends or is a member of an organized sports team at school or church, you can order monogrammed shirts for the whole team. Personalized monograms can be placed within a central image, such as a soccer ball, baseball, and/or basketball. They can also be placed on top or around other sports images such as a boat anchor, a silhouette of a swimmer or runner, a cheerleader with pompoms, or symbols of other sports your child plays. The name of your child's school or church team can also be incorporated into monogrammed sports shirts. 

Monogrammed Activity Shirts - If your child is an artist, singer, dancer, musician, gardener, or enjoys birds, dogs, or horses, a monogrammed shirt can be created just for her that incorporates images of these activities. A special monogrammed shirt can also be ordered to commemorate a young girl's first day at kindergarten or grammar school or a trip to an amusement park with her friends for her birthday. These images can encourage a young child to continue with her activities and friends whenever she wears her monogrammed shirt or jacket. 

Monogrammed Quotes - A quotation can be written around a child's monogram to declare a young girl's love for a new sibling or family member, to memorialize a familiar family saying, or to display a quotation from a favorite book. A quotation can also be written on the back of the shirt and a child's monogrammed initials can be placed on the front. Some popular quotations that young girls like to wear are:

  • Cousins Make The Best Friends!
  • I Love My Grandma and Grandpa!
  • Have Courage and Be Kind.
  • I Am Thankful For My Family.
  • Be Courageous. Be Strong. Do Everything in Love.

These styles of monogrammed clothing can be designed and ordered directly from many clothing manufacturers online and in brick and mortar stores. Whatever design and style of monogrammed shirt or jacket that you choose for the young girl in your family, you will find that she will love it and wear it often. As she grows and changes into a young woman, you can give her other monogrammed clothes to celebrate her unique style and personality. These monogrammed shirts for girls can become the story of a young life and can be treasured for years to come. 

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