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Two Things You Should Know About Dressing For The Golf Course

If you are about to begin your journey with the wonderful world of recreational golf, you're in for quite a treat. Not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in beautiful settings, you'll get valuable exercise and make new friends. Most golf courses have clubhouses where you can socialize with others before or after games. However, many people are intimidated when they first take up golf because they aren't sure of what to wear on the course. Following are two dress strategies designed to help those new to the game of golf. 

Dress Conservatively 

When dressing for the golf course, you can't go wrong by erring on the side of conservative attire. A good rule of thumb is that the more exclusive the course, the more attention you need to pay to making sure you're wearing traditional conservative golfing clothes. On most courses, your skirt should be longer than the ends of your fingertips when you place your arm vertically down the side of your body, but there are courses that require that all skirts be knee length or longer, so always check if you're unsure. If your attire doesn't meet the standards of the course, you could be asked to leave, which would serve as an embarrassment to not only yourself but to the person who invited you. Also—under no circumstances should you ever wear blue jeans on a golf course, even if the course is a casual one.  Also, keep your clothing as modest as possible. Even though golf is an outdoor sport, avoid wearing tank tops, bikini tops, or other revealing tops while on the course. Basketball shorts and cutoffs shouldn't be worn either—stick with dress shorts in khaki or linen if you decide to wear shorts to the course, and if you have to ask yourself if they are too short, it's best to wear something else. Skorts are another good choice.  When you're properly dressed for that first game of golf, you can relax and enjoy your new adventure.   

Invest in Good Shoes 

Golf shoes of the past were uncomfortable and stiff until they were properly broken in. However, their modern counterparts are pretty much ready-to-wear provided you invest in a good brand and make sure to get a good fit at the time of purchase. You'll be doing a lot of walking on the course, and the wrong pair of shoes can cause you to suffer from blisters, which isn't how most people want to remember their very first golf game! 

Please feel free to contact your nearest ladies' golf apparel retailer for more information. 

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