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Best Diabetic-Friendly Foot Care Products

Individuals who suffer from diabetes are at a higher risk of foot-related issues. A tiny crack in the skin, for example, could quickly lead to an infection. There's also diabetic neuropathy, which affects the feet and legs. A few diabetic-friendly foot care products will help you care for your feet and prevent possible problems from starting. 

Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are therapeutic and have many benefits. First, they are made using a fiber blend that has thermoregulation properties, which means they are able to keep your feet a steady temperature that is comfortable. Second, they have antibacterial properties that help prevent infections in dry and cracked skin. Finally, the socks are designed so that they have a non-binding top. They won't stick to sensitive skin, or rub and cause neuropathy pain. 

Diabetic Orthotic Inlays

The next foot care product you'll want to invest in is diabetic orthotic inlays. They are fairly inexpensive and are usually sold in sets of three. This is because you'll need to replace them every four months. A set of three will last you a year. The way the inlays work is that they have a top layer that is made of a foam that conforms to your foot. They reduce motion and friction so that you don't irritate the neuropathy or make any cuts and scrapes worse. 

Petroleum Jelly

WebMD reports that individuals with diabetes are 25 percent likelier to develop a foot ulcer. They go on to suggest using petroleum jelly in your every day foot care routine. You most likely already have this product in your own, and if not, you can pick a jar up for just a few bucks. After washing your feet, simply rub the petroleum jelly over the tops and bottoms of your feet so that they remain as soft as possible. 

Capsaicin Cream

Capsaicin cream is a topical medication used to treat pain that arises when a diabetic has neuropathy symptoms. You apply the product on your foot where you are experiencing the pain. Soon after, you'll notice a warm tingling feeling. One of the ingredients in the cream is hot peppers, so a little bit of a burning sensation is normal. Over time, the sensation will be less intense and your pain will be significantly less. Warning: Always wash your hands immediately after using the capsaicin cream, as it will sting your eyes or nose if you forget and accidentally rub them. 

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