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6 Reasons To Choose Real Wooden Sunglasses

If you are looking for sunglasses, there are many materials that you can choose from, including wood. Here are six reasons to consider the wooden material over others:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: Wooden sunglasses are much more environmentally friendly because they are recyclable. This is going to reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that once your sunglasses break or are no longer usable, they won't just end up sitting in a landfill somewhere, but instead be reused to create something else. 
  2. They Float: If you are going to be wearing your sunglasses while at the river, swimming pool, or other areas with water, you will not as easily lose your sunglasses since they float. If you wear them in the water and they happen to fall off, you won't have to dive to the bottom to retrieve or look for them. Since wooden sunglasses can be expensive, this is definitely ideal. 
  3. Less Expensive Than They Once Were: Wooden sunglasses used to be highly expensive because they were not sold by many retailers. However, now that the trend is catching on, you can find plenty of retailers who sell them for a reasonable cost. This is especially true if the retailer sells bamboo sunglasses. Bamboo is the most affordable wooden material since it is easily harvested while still being highly sustainable.
  4. Non-Toxic: Compared to sunglasses that are made with plastic, wooden sunglasses are non-toxic. Plastics release toxins, which is not good for your health or the environment. On top of this, if you suffer from a plastic allergy, wooden sunglasses are definitely your best option.
  5. Stylish: Wooden sunglasses are becoming a new trend in fashion, especially since being environmentally friendly is so important. More and more people are gravitating towards changing their style to fit an environmentally friendly stance. So when you purchase wooden sunglasses, you definitely don't have to worry about not being trendy. 
  6. Lightweight: Wooden sunglasses are also much lighter than plastic and other materials. This is beneficial especially if you are not used to wearing sunglasses that often. They will feel light and natural on your face instead of heavy and burdensome. Since they are lightweight, they are also easier to carry around. You don't have to worry about them dragging your shirt down, for example, if you have them hang on to it. 

When you know these reasons for choosing real wooden sunglasses over other options, you can see why paying the slightly higher cost for wooden sunglasses is worth it in the end.  For more information, talk to a professional like Woodroze.

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