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Four Ways To Tell If A Suit Fits

When you order a suit online and it arrives on your doorstep, the first things you should do is try it on. If the suit does not fit properly, it's best to know this right away so you can exchange it or have it tailored. As you try on the suit and examine its fit, look for these four signs that indicate the suit is properly suited to you.

The shoulder pads end at your shoulders.

If the shoulder pads stick out past your shoulders, this means the suit coat is too wide for you. You'll either need to have it taken in, or you'll need a smaller size. If the pads end before your shoulders, that means the suit is too narrow in your shoulders. Wearing it will make you feel constricted, so exchange it for a wider cut.

The top button falls above your navel.

In a two-button suit, the top button should rest about a hand's width above your navel. It if falls at or below your navel, the suit coat is too long for you and probably looks a bit sloppy. If you're trying on a 3-button suit, make sure the middle button falls above your navel.

Sleeves hid your wrist at the thumb.

To tell if your sleeves are the proper length, put your arms down at your sides. The sleeves should hit your arms right where your wrist meets your thumb. If they are longer than this, don't worry -- a tailor can easily take them up. If they are shorter than this, look at the hem inside of the sleeve. If there's a wide hem, your tailor can probably let the sleeves down to make them longer. If the hem is very narrow, however, you may need to size up to a coat with longer sleeves.

You can slip your hand under the lapel.

Your suit jacket should be just tight enough to allow you to slip your flattened hand under your lapel. If you can fit a whole fist in, the suit is too wide and you need to have it taken in. If slipping a hand in causes the buttons to bulge, the suit is too narrow and either needs to be let out or replaced with a smaller size.

Always pay attention to these four areas of fit when you try on a new suit. A properly fitted suit coat will make you look sharp and well-dressed, while one that does not fit makes you look unkempt and sloppy. Look for the perfect suit online, such as at Love This Life.

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