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Online Consignment Stores 101: A Guide For New Customers

If you love to shop for name-brand clothing at prices much lower than retail and don't mind at all buying secondhand, consignment stores are a no-brainer when it comes to finding fashionable women's clothing. Not only do consignment stores collect clothing from closets filled with clothing of every style, they are an awesome way to turn your gently used clothing into cash. However, many women have no idea that there are many online consignment stores.

If you consider yourself a Consignment Store Queen (whether at buying or selling), it is best to get familiar with how these online stores work. Here are a few of the most common questions new customers tend to have about online consignment stores for women's clothing. 

Where do these clothes come from at online consignment stores?

The clothing you find listed on the pages of these stores could be the same items they have physically available in store, as some consignment stores have taken to the Web to reach a higher population of customers. However, some of the online consignment stores out there operate on a strictly online platform. Nevertheless, the clothing you find on these sites will come from people willing to sell their clothing on consignment. 

What are the advantages of shopping with an online women's consignment store?

Shopping for used clothing online with  consignment womens clothes stores comes with a handful of advantages. You get:

  • potential access to a wider array of inventory and brands
  • the ability to compare prices right from home between different consignment stores
  • the chance to get women's clothing from across the country
  • great savings on merchandise that may not normally be within financial reach

What is the process to sell your own clothing through these e-commerce sites?

Online consignment stores all have their own regulations about accepting clothing on consignment. Some will ship you out a container for clothing that you fill with your items and send back, with you being responsible for paying the shipping costs. Others just require you to upload images of your items for assessment, the store chooses what they can list for sale, and then you are responsible for shipping your clothing. In every case, when your items sell on the site, you get a portion of the profits. While a few consignment shops payout funds from purchases immediately, others may make mass payments once a month or when you hit a certain threshold in sales. 

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