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The Difference Between A Clothier And A Tailor And Who Will Provide You With The Best Shirt

In the world of custom and bespoke clothing, there are a ton of seemingly trivial nuances that can make a big difference in purchasing a new article of clothing. One such nuance is the difference between a full fledged clothier and a tailor. Knowing this distinction can go a long way in picking which shop to visit to get your best looking clothes, especially fine shirting, since the shirt is often the base for any outfit. To help you choose between visiting a clothier and a tailor, here are some important differences between the two, and which needs will be best fulfilled by each. 


One often goes to a clothier to get the whole experience, from picking out a fabric to measuring, to final fitting, especially if the company offers bespoke or made-to-measure clothes. Since companies that identify as "clothiers" are often smaller operations with tightly-knit customer bases, you can very often find a clothier that will work with you to bring you the exact fabric you want and a fit that can't be beat. 

Of course, a clothier isn't always the best choice for everyone, since these extensive services can run you a pretty penny as opposed to buying off the rack. Another commonly cited disadvantage to going specialty is the wait time, since a fully custom garment can take weeks to arrive at your door. On the other hand, if you decide you want to get a truly investment-worthy wardrobe staple (a white spread-collar dress shirt, for example) then you just can't beat a clothier's shop in terms of fit, quality, and service. 


Tailors are far more common these days than full-on clothiers for the simple fact that it's easier to set up a shop that only alters clothing rather than one that fabricates it and alters it. Tailor shops do have their place in the world of fine clothing, though, especially for those looking to strike a balance between wearing made-to-measure and something right off the rack. Bringing your favorite type of store-bought shirt to a tailor can really transform its shape and how it wears on you, making it look almost like it was made for you.

However, a tailor can only work with what you give him or her, so there is a certain amount of knowledge about what looks good on you that you should have upon going to a tailor with a garment you want altered. However, the relative value and speed of a tailor can make this the preferred option to those looking to do something like a whole wardrobe makeover or a garment that you'll only wear a couple of times, like a tuxedo shirt, for example.

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