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Discounted Scrubs Online?: Examples Of What You Can Get For Your Hard-Earned Dollars

If you work in the medical profession, you know how important it is to leave your nice street clothes at home or in your locker at work and wear scrubs instead. Unfortunately, scrubs have a way of getting blood and bodily fluids on them that often make you want to throw them out rather than take them home and wash them. Then there is that extra set of scrubs you need to keep in your work locker in case you need to change out of the set you are wearing. All of that gets really expensive unless you buy discounted scrubs online, but can you get anything that is not boring? Yes, you can, and the following examples prove it.

Surgical Scrubs in More Than One Color

Surgical scrubs are the most likely scrub garments to get blood on them. They are also the most likely garments to be plain and uninteresting, but they do not have to be. In fact, many online retailers of discount scrubs offer surgical gowns in a wide variety of colors, including bleachable white, blue, pink, green and yellow. Just make sure your hospital allows colors other than white before you buy several of these inexpensive and colorful surgical scrub gowns.

Dresses and Skirts

If you are a female nurse, and you want to try a little "old school" uniform, you can purchase some very comfortable dresses and skirts rather cheaply. The dresses have a limited selection of colors, so if you want a little more variety in your uniform wardrobe, you may want to order some skirts. The skirts have various colors and patterns to match scrub tops, or you can wear them with a button-down shirt if you are going to be behind a desk most of the day.

Kid-Friendly Prints

If your job brings you into contact with kids on a daily basis, you may want some scrubs that are cheap and which come in kid-friendly prints. When they are cheap, you do not mind that kids sneeze, cough or rub their faces on you, and the kids are likely to smile and feel a wee bit better seeing some of their favorite characters on your scrubs. Since these prints are often limited to online sales of uniforms, you will want to shop the discount e-tailers first to get several kid-friendly scrub tops for the best price. If you want, you may even be able to buy the matching scrub pants for a complete, kid-friendly uniform.

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