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Why Your Jewelry Store Needs An Online Consultant For Your Customers

It doesn't matter if your jewelry store is a high-end showcase of the latest fashion trends in diamonds, or if your store caters to those who prefer fashion pieces and cute designs. You are competing with large retailers and online shopping websites. If you want to attract the attention of savvy, modern day shoppers, then your store needs a jewelry consultant in order to offer something different.

Using Live Video In-Store

You might think it's a strange idea to have live video in-store to connect to your customers to expert jewelry and fashion consultants. If you own a smaller store, you may not have the room to hire even one other person, or you might wish to employ more than one type of consultant who is an expert in different brands, trends, styles and even gemstones. If you install in-store live video, you can connect your customers to freelance jewelry consultants from virtually around the globe. If you like, throw in fashion consultants, too, so your customers can choose entire ensembles to go with their choices.

Online Consultants

Even if your store can't compete with the large chains on quantity, you certainly can compete on customer service. This not only means offering the best care to your customers as you possibly can, but offering them something the larger outfits don't. Your customers can shop online at any number of retail websites, but can they ask a consultant about precious stones and the differences between white and yellow gold?

When you provide a personalized experience that they can access from the comfort of their own home, they will not only get the information they need and want, they are more likely to visit your store to buy the items they are looking for. They will also more likely recommend your services, both online and in-store to friends and family.

You can let your customers choose how they wish to contact the consultant. You can set it up that they may choose simply a text format, where all questions and answers are typed out. You may also add video chat, in which either your customer sees a one-way video chat of your consultant or they may choose a two-way chat feature.

Combining Online Shopping and Consulting

If you provide the combination of an online consulting service and a commerce store where potential customers can purchase items the consultant may show them, then you may find you will end up with more business than if you simply had a brick and mortar or online consultant service. It's true that most customers will stay with a business or website where their needs are met and they can find what they want easily. Click here to learn more about jewelry business consultants.

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