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Choose A Dress To Wear To Your Co-Worker's Autumn Wedding

One of your co-workers is getting married and has invited you to their autumn wedding. This is great news, but there is an issue at hand. You do not want to show up to the event over or underdressed. You also don't own anything decent to wear to the wedding. Delve further into the wedding plans and shop around for a dress that will be weather appropriate, respectful, and attractive.

Where Is The Event Being Held?

Gain insight on the type of wedding that is being held. Look at your invitation for information about the venue and the reception hall that will be utilized afterward. If the wedding is being held in a church, a traditional dress should be worn. All eyes will likely be on the bride and groom, but you still want to focus on blending into the crowd.

Avoid selecting a dress style that contains bright-colored fabric, abstract prints, or revealing cutouts. Plan on looking for a dress that is modestly cut and that is a solid color. If the fall weather will likely be cool, choose a long-sleeved dress or purchase a short-sleeved one, but bring a shawl or wrap along with you so that you can cover your arms if you feel a bit chilly.

Are You Close To Anyone Who Will Be Attending?

If you are uncomfortable about selecting a dress, without checking to see what others will be wearing, seek advice from a guest who you are close to. Since a co-worker is the person who is getting married, it is very likely that they have invited others who you work with. Casually ask them about their dress choices and provide some details about the type of attire that you plan on wearing.

If some of the guests haven't  bought their dresses yet, maybe all of you can plan to shop together. The support that you receive from one another and the input that each person gives will assist with finalizing the garment selections. Try on several dresses, even ones that you are not completely 'in love' with.

A dress could look plain and homely while suspended from a clothing hanger and look absolutely wonderful once you put it on. After choosing a dress, shop for some accessories that will enhance your attire. Small earrings, a dainty necklace, and a single strand bracelet are some basic accessories that will complete the look that you are after. For more information, visit stores that sell wedding guest dresses.

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